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Arson Press is not accepting submissions.

Arson Press is run on one shoelace and a mixture of dirt, olive oil, and tears. It is the lovechild of Prometheus and John Reinhart.

The press began as a vain promise that if the patreon patrons pledged enough, Reinhart would publish a chapbook. What sounded like a great long shot became a reality, and Reinhart put together "screaming," a collection of second person prose poem nightmares.

A full length collection, "dig it," followed.

In the midst of this, Reinhart dug up a few poems his friend Jay Rossier had sent shortly before his death. He knew there were more. Reinhart worked with Rossier's widow, Kelley McKenna, to produce "Speak."

From there, more projects rolled in. There's a children's book in the works, McKenna's collection "Cobbled Bridges" came out in February 2022, and Reinhart re-released an expanded version of "Horrific Punctuation" after its initial publisher evaporated.

The future is fire.

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